My Masseur Open For Business


Overnight the Queensland Government updated the Non-essential business, activity and undertaking Closure Direction (No.6), effective from 21 April 2020.
It is now reasonable to conclude from this direction that the view that broadly defined health services can operate in appropriate clinic settings is to be preferred over the policing of restrictions on premises and buildings.

The new rules specifically authorise a return to practice for a “qualified massage therapist” as defined.
Remedial massage: under the new Queensland rules “massage parlours” remain restricted with a specific exemption for “massage therapy for the management and prevention of a disease, injury or condition, provided by a qualified massage therapist, with social distancing observed to the extent possible.” A qualified massage therapist is defined very precisely by the rules – the definition is reproduced below. It is now clear that remedial massage in a clinic setting is no longer restricted.

Other bodywork modalities: The new rules can now be interpreted that these modalities are health services and are not restricted in an appropriate clinic setting.

Therefor My Masseur is back open for Business and treating all our clients as usual with their specific needs. Please observe Social distancing rules and if you have come into contact with someone who is infected with Covid 19 in the last 14 days or feeling unwell please do not come into the clinic. Call Tracey Now for a booking 4775 3300!!!!