The modalities below and specialty techniques such as Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilisation, and Cupping can be performed here with our highly trained staff, who are able to apply their individual skills and knowledge to best treat you. My Masseur has strict draping policies and codes of conduct with our focus on your well-being in a safe and happy environment. Our massage therapists use fresh laundered towels for every client!

Remedial massage uses several specialised techniques to locate and repair damage to muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and fascia (the membrane surrounding the muscles and muscle groups). This supports and speeds up the body's natural repairing and healing process. There are numerous benefits of massage - not just for those participating in regular exercise!

Our therapists apply Golden Jojoba oil directly to the skin as a lubricating medium, to ensure that the muscles associated with the disorder are deeply penetrated. Passive joint stretching movements are often used, but each person will have a treatment plan tailored specifically to their individual requirements.

Key benefits of remedial massage include:

  • Relief from muscle tightness – which can hinder range of movement and performance
  • Calming of the peripheral nervous system – to ease pain and discomfort
  • Increased circulation and lymph flow – which may result in a more rapid elimination of metabolic waste (i.e. lactic acid)
  • Improvement of the health of cells and the repairing of tissues
  • Reduction of swelling and restoration of mobility to joints
  • Softening of muscle scarring from injury
  • Increased blood oxygen capacity (up to 15% improvement!)

Muscular and skeletal dysfunctions often addressed with remedial massage include, but are not limited to:

  • Muscle tightness and pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Fibromyalgia and fibrositis
  • Spondylitis
  • Muscular cramps
  • Muscular atrophy
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Tennis and golfers elbow
  • TMJ dysfunction (jaw)
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Postural problems
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Recovery from broken bones
  • General soft tissue injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatism
  • Neuralgia
  • Scoliosis
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Myofascial dry needling (MDN) is a treatment approach which applies fine needles to the musculoskeletal system to deactivate trigger points and synapses.

While this modernised Western technique employs the tools of acupuncture practice (acupuncture needles and electronic needle stimulator), MDN has its own theoretical concepts, terminology, needling technique and clinical application and is not related to Traditional Chinese acupuncture in any way.

Myofascial dry needling is used in the treatment of ordinary pain and to manage chronic pain syndromes such as Fibromyalgia. It is utilised as a specialist tool to accompany the soft tissue skills of Remedial Massage. Some authors argue that MDN is more effective in treating chronic back pain than more commonly employed manual therapies. From clinical experience, MDN often yields dramatic results where other manual methods have failed

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Sports massage can reduce the chance of injury by loosening the body’s connective tissues and muscles which improves an individual’s range of motion and flexibility.

It can also shorten recovery time, increase the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the body through improved circulation and enhance the elimination of toxic by-products of exercise.

For athletes, treatments are individually tailored to suit both the client and the sport, with concentration on the areas of the body that are subjected to the greatest strain. However, you don’t have to be an athlete to have a sports massage – anyone who routinely stretches their physical limits will benefit! High activity levels are often experienced by construction workers, labourers, mothers with small children, and others who use their bodies strenuously in their work.

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Deep Tissue Massage is the application of a therapist’s individual skills to manipulate the deeper layers of connective tissue (fascia, muscles and tendons).

This technique lengthens and releases these structures helping to increase blood flow, reduce levels of resting tension or quite simply reduce pain!

Deep Tissue Massage works to relieve deeper chronic painful conditions as well as reduce adhesions (scar tissue), restore a more efficient pain free range of movement and relieve postural and muscle imbalances. Deep Tissue Massage can also help to reduce psychological stress with the release of the body’s own hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin.

A 2014 study published in Scientific World Journal concluded that Deep Tissue Massage had positive effects on reducing pain in patients with chronic lower back pain.

Generally firmer pressures are employed BUT can be modified for an individual’s personal threshold. The initial effects from Deep Tissue Massage can sometimes be felt for a day or two after the consultation – however the long-term benefits can last for weeks, months or even years!

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Massage has great benefits during pregnancy although women with complications or problems should consult their doctor first.

Some of Townsville’s leading obstetricians refer clients to My Masseur for professional care tailored to suit your needs.

Benefits that are experienced following pre-natal massage include back and neck pain relief, reduced hand and foot swelling, stress relief, nurturing touch and emotional support, fewer leg cramps and reduced sciatic pain. Our trained pregnancy massage therapists have a range of techniques which maximise benefits and minimise risk. Here we have specially designed tables that allow the client to lay face down no matter what trimester they are in. The joy thousands of our previous pregnant clients have experienced from a My Masseur pregnancy massage still brings smiles to our faces!

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Or Swedish massage is a smooth flowing style of treatment that helps reduce stress, improve circulation and range of movement, ease and tone muscles and provides the deep relaxation that allows our minds and bodies to recharge and rejuvenate.

Relaxation massage therapy increases the number of beta-endorphins in the blood, which promote pain relief and an overall feeling of well-being. It also increases dopamine and serotonin levels in the body, which can reduce stress and anxiety and help to manage depression. As with other kinds of massage, the relief of muscle tension will reduce or even completely eliminate pain.

According to The Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami, receiving a massage can boost the immune system. In one study, 20 men with immune systems weakened by HIV were given 45-minute massages five days a week for a month. At the end of the month, the men had less anxiety, and several of their immune functions had improved. Studies on women with breast cancer and on premature babies have shown similar results.

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Integration Therapy of altered state or state change experiences. Studies have shown integration is an integral part of the psychedelic experience.  Without integration we can be left confused and, in some instances, overwhelmed, which can lead to increased mental health challenges. It doesn’t matter if it was last night or 30 years ago, the amazing part of this work is that it can be embodied at any time.

Integration Therapy of altered state or state change experiences.

The intention of this is to start to bring our skills of integration support and therapy to the wider community. Studies have shown integration is an integral part of the Altered State experience, such as Holotropic/Psychedelic Breath Work & Psychedelic Medicine Journeys. Utilising emotional embodiment of Somatic experiencing (the bottom up approach). The older common model of top down or the cognitive approach can re-create our same old stories or protections. With this new and proven therapy we can identify and shift mind sets and expand perspectives to accept a wider view.
Without integration we can be left confused and, in some instances, overwhelmed, which can lead to increased mental health challenges.
The psychedelic/altered state session is a small part of a much larger healing journey. As some people are experimenting and while some medications are still illegal, we understand many people are exploring these altered states perhaps by themselves. We would like to offer support in the way of integration. When we are able to embody our experience of altered states, we start to see the ripple effect of change in our lives.

If you or you know of someone struggling with an experience they may have had with medicine or any altered state please let them know there are ways to support this process. It doesn’t matter if it was last night or 30 years ago, the amazing part of this work is that it can be embodied at any time.

Graduate CPAT from MMI. Certificate of Psychedelic Assisted Therapies Mind Medicine Institute.

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Energy healing is a holistic practice where practitioners channel universal life force or healing energy into a person to promote balance, healing, and the removal of blockages in the body. The focus is on restoring and maintaining flow, balance, harmony, and vitality within the body during a treatment.

Biofeedback Therapy utilises the same methods as Biofeedback body scanning in that it uses the brain and central nervous system to apply the therapeutic frequencies to the person via Bio-resonance headset. Oberon consists of a database which houses all frequencies of pathogens, microorganisms, and healthy tissue as well. When we give biofeedback therapy, we apply the appropriate frequencies to the organ and tissues for recover or destructive frequencies to the harmful microorganisms occupying vital organs.

How Does Biofeedback Work?
Each organ, tissue, and cell in our body has a distinct frequency which is made possible by the rotation of atoms in the cells.
When instructions are sent to the body from the brain they use the spinal cord to send those instructions using nerves and other molecular aids. As long as the connection between the brain and the spine is intact, biofeedback systems can use the brain to listen in and pick up the information.
Bio-electrical activity of brain neurons is amplified so signals which are practically undetectable by statistical fluctuations, can not only be detected but also isolated and decoded thanks to biofeedback therapy systems.
Good biofeedback systems, like Oberon, can trace the changes in pathology and infections by observing the characteristics of these wavelengths and the changes in the tissues and cells of the body.
Biofeedback therapy is administered using brain neurons. Frequencies which were detected by the system can be reversed and sent back to balance out the issues and bring them back to health.

– Initial Care: 1-2 visits per week

• Restorative Care: 1 visits per week

• Maintenance Care: 1 visit per fortnight

• Optimal Health Care: 1 visit per month

The vibration of the body is changing very quickly, therefore if someone has an acute problem, they need 2-3 days visit per week for a quick response.

A Treatment plan will be suggested during your first consultation taking into account all of your present circumstances.

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“Consulting Hypnotists help ordinary, everyday people with ordinary, everyday problems using individual hypnotic techniques.”

Hypnotherapy helps with clients to motivate them to eliminate negative or unwanted habits, facilitate the learning process, improve memory
and concentration, develop self-confidence, eliminate stage fright, improve athletic abilities, and for other social, educational and cultural endeavors of a non-medical nature.

Think of us as a “hypnotic guide.” The hypnotist simply guides the client into the state called hypnosis and teaches the client techniques that will allow the client to use his or her natural ability to change the way he or she thinks, feels or behaves.

As hypnotists we do not independently work with medical or mental disorders.

Hypnotists do not do Psychotherapy; they Coach, Teach, Guide, Instruct, and Train.
Clients do not have Disorders; they have Problems, Challenges or Issues.
Hypnotists do not Diagnose clients; they help clients do Goal-Setting regarding Problems, Challenges or Issues.
Hypnotists do not Treat clients; they hold Sessions at which they Induct a client into a Self-Hypnotic State.
The Self-Hypnotic State is a state of relaxed concentration which anyone can enter naturally.

Hypnotists provide their clients with instruction in how to enter this natural state more easily and effectively.
Hypnotists do not Prescribe solutions; they Suggest ways for clients to achieve their goals while the client is in a Self-Hypnotic State.
Suggestion is the artful use of imagination to increase a client’s enthusiasm for self improvement using Self-Help Techniques.
Self-Help Techniques are thinking strategies used by normally-functioning people to remind themselves of improvements they wish to make in their lives. Such strategies are taught by Hypnotists using Suggestion while the client is in the Self-Hypnotic State.


Most people find that they will need a minimum of 4 sessions to make sustainable lasting changes, although this may vary according to your individual circumstances and requirements.  The first session is generally up to 75 – 90 minutes, thereafter each session generally takes up to 60 minutes, sessions times may differ depending upon the amount of time and required. Going over the normal time frame if required will be billed as a double session and out of town clients often book a double session due to travel requirements.

Please arrive on time. Although we endeavour to be punctual, sometimes sessions may run a little late due to the personal and sometimes emotional nature of the work, so please be patient and understanding if this is the case.  Any appointment changes need to be made two business days in advance. Appointments broken or cancelled without notice may be charged for the session.


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"Discover the power of spiritual healing with an energetic healing session. Are you feeling lost, stressed, or in need of some direction? Our experienced facilitators will guide you on a journey to find inner peace and balance. With a blend of ancient wisdom and modern techniques, our team will help you connect with your spirit and unlock your full potential. Experience deep relaxation, release negative energy, and gain a fresh perspective on life.

A shamanic healing session typically involves a practitioner, known as a shaman or shamanic healer, using various techniques and rituals to address imbalances in a person’s physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being. Central to shamanic healing is the belief that illness or discomfort often has underlying spiritual or energetic causes, and these can be addressed through the shaman’s connection with the spirit world. Here’s an overview of what you might expect in a shamanic healing session with a focus on energetic healing:

Intake and Assessment: The session typically begins with a conversation between the shaman and the client to discuss the client’s issues, concerns, and goals for the session. The shaman may also use intuition or divination tools to gain insights into the client’s energetic state. Sacred Space: The shaman will create a sacred and safe space for the healing session. This may involve the use of ritual tools, such as drums, rattles, crystals, smudging herbs, and sacred chants to clear and purify the energy in the environment. Energetic Diagnosis: The shaman may use their intuitive abilities to scan the client’s energy field or aura to identify blockages, disturbances, or imbalances. This could involve hands-on or hands-off techniques. Energy Clearing: The shaman will work to clear and release any negative or stagnant energy from the client’s energy field. This can involve techniques like energy extraction, soul retrieval, or energy balancing. Healing Techniques: Shamanic healing often involves a range of techniques such as sound healing (drumming, chanting, singing), energy channeling, and guided visualization to promote healing and restore balance to the client’s energy field. Spiritual Connection: Shamans often work with spirit guides, power animals, and other spiritual allies to assist in the healing process. They may journey into altered states of consciousness to connect with these beings on behalf of the client. Integration: After the healing work is completed, the shaman will help the client integrate the experience and provide guidance on self-care practices, including lifestyle changes or spiritual practices that can support ongoing healing. Follow-up: Depending on the severity of the issue and the client’s needs, multiple sessions may be recommended for a sustained healing process. It’s important to note that shamanic healing is often considered complementary to conventional medical and psychological treatments. While it can be a powerful and transformative experience, it should not be used as a sole substitute for professional medical or mental health care when needed. When seeking a shamanic healer or energetic healer, it’s essential to do your research, ask for recommendations, and ensure that the practitioner is reputable and experienced in their field. Additionally, you should feel comfortable and safe with the healer you choose, as a trusting and open relationship is often crucial to the success of the healing session.

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Consultations may consist of:

Client history intake/update, consultation of work to be performed, massage, stretching, instructions of stretches, referrals, any required written treatment plans, professional observations, preparation and application of Myofascial Dry Needling and Remedial Therapies. Please note failure to attend or give adequate notice of cancellation may incur a fee of $40 for massage appointments or a cancellation fee of $75 for Hypnotherapy & integration Therapy.

Price ListGift Certificates Available

10% Discount applies to eligible pensioner and students with current card.

  • Advanced Remedial Therapist

  • 60 Min
  • 30 Mins
  • Senior Remedial Therapist

  • 60 Min
  • 30 Mins
  • Remedial Therapist

  • 60 Min
  • 30 Mins
  • Medibank Private Members

  • 60 Min
  • 30 Mins
  • Integration Therapy

  • 60 Min
  • Energy, Reiki, Intuitive, Shamanic Healing

  • 60 Min
  • Breathwork - Holotropic/Transformational

  • 60 Min
  • 120 Min
  • Hypnotherapy (Inc. GST)

  • Initial
  • Follow up
  • Oberon Biofeedback

  • 60 Min

One and a half and two hour consultations can be provided upon special request.

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