Learn Self-Hypnosis – 1 Day Course


3 Excellent short courses coming to Townsville in March.

Self Hypnosis, The Awakened Mind and Self Mastery 1 – The Adventure Begins. Paul Balch is my Hypnotherapy teacher, Hypnotherapy was just a bonus, his knowledge and humility are off the charts. Cant wait to sit in on these.

In case yourself or anyone you know is interested here is the rundown of the courses here is the links to register.  https://www.inspiresphere.org/paul-g-balch-workshops/


This one day workshop is designed for people interested in self hypnosis to take charge and direct their life. No previous experience in hypnosis is required. You will learn to instantly and easily enter the self hypnotic state, creating positive suggestions to make lasting powerful changes in your life.

Learn from Paul G Balch – Internationally Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy Instructor and expert in the esoteric hypnosis field with over 30 plus years of experience globally.

Bring a pen, paper, pendulum and an open mind. Its loaded with knowledge AND practical fun!

With Self Hypnosis you benefit in many ways:

Understand the different hypnotic state.

Understand the power of self talk

Be more successful at achieving your goals

Be more successful with an improved memory

You will feel increased level of concentration

You will feel a new level of motivation

Build a stronger self-confidence

Build a healthier life by boosting your immune

Become more energised through deep restful sleep

Become more creative in working with your imagination

Time to relaxed and reduce stress in all areas of your life

All participants will gain access to receive a self hypnotic progressive relaxation, self hypnosis exercises and a hypnotic stress release breathing exercise recording to work with through our website.

Date: 27th March

Time: 9:30 am to 4:30pm (60 minute lunch break)

Venue: TBC

Fees: $200 (normally $349)

Contact: Nathan Waters

E: nathan@mymasseur.com.au

P: 0424734837