Larapinta Trek – Waters Family Fundraiser for ELF


Hi all, as you may know or have seen or heard, Nathan, Tracey, Evelyn, & Ashton have been busy planning and training for a big journey/adventure.
Larapinta Trail is around 230km long, divided into 12 sections, It is a challenging and rewarding long distance trek which requires a high level of fitness, experience and preparation. It is one of Australia’s best long distance treks and in the top 20 best walks of the world. It can be completed comfortably in 14-15 days, ideal is 18-20. We are aiming for 13-14 days. We have been training and planning heaps to enjoy the experience more.
Can YOU please sponsor Nathan and help us raise funds for Emergent Leaders Foundation that will be used to heal trauma and contribute to conscious, harmonic families and communities around the globe.
Think about pledging only $2 per section, if 40 people do, then WE can get $1000 which will help a young warrior attend the four day Young Warrior Leadership camp and follow on group mentoring, and their parents / guardians attend a one day workshop and follow on group mentoring.
Donate at Nathan’s fundraising link and leave a note for the family:
And could you please share to help me raise awareness for helping our kids realise their potential and change what you are reading every day in the newspapers!!!
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