Esoteric Hypnotherapy With Paul G Balch

Esoteric Hypnotherapy With Paul G Balch
For appointments please contact: / (61) 0411062759
Sessions approx 75 mins.
Venue My Masseur 27/03/21
These sessions are to assist and facilitate change and growth. By working upon the physical body and its energy patterns you will be presented with the various issues and patterns that are holding you back from living life to its fullest. We will bypass your usual mind games giving you access to the deeper mind within you to make the change in life that you desire. As the trapped energies in your body are released, your mind and soul are revealed.
It is important that you make a commitment to go through the process as best you can. You will receive whatever support you need and an unconditional respect for your choices and free will. Are you willing to revise many aspects of your life and willing to shift your life?
It is recommended that you allow an hour of solitude after the session to reflect upon your experience without any distractions. You will receive a personal recording and material to work with for a 21 day process, please bring a USB stick to receive your material.
All sessions are strictly confidential.
You will need to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your appointment.
Fee: $200.00 cash or direct bank transfer only.